[Vadass] Stacked Short BOX 17 (同人漫画/English version)

Stacked Short BOX 17
配信開始日 2021/01/01
ページ数 92ページ

This is a collection of 17 Fantia shorts from 2019 to 2020. It’s 92 pages long. (It’s the same as the Fantia versions.)

1 A mature mother. It was the first one, so it’s a little short.
2 A tutor. Sex with an older woman.
3 Stars the part-time worker, Arisa. She does anything her cute younger boy friends asks her to do.
4 A huge-breasted girl, a member of a special help group, gives a shut-in a titfuck... It’s all about titfucking:bangbang:
5 Guest character. Mokuzo Zabuton’s Ryouko makes a special appearance! Everything about her is big.

6 Sex with an older lunch lady. She’s kind of a local beauty with a nice ass.
7 A career woman. Has sexy in pantyhose with her handsome, younger boyfriend.
8 A meaty mother, store owner, and secret prostitute sells her body to a man once again.:bangbang:
9 A mother who loves her son a little too much. She’s a lonely woman who immediately desires her ch〇ld.
10 School is Heaven for teachers who like small men. A shota story.

11 The first part in a series. The horniest guy in school makes an older schoolmate take care of his urges in the bathroom.
12 The second part. This time, that despicable guy lays his hand’s on 11’s mother.
13 The final part. A threesome with the mother and daughter. He takes them to a room and records it as he cums inside them and fucks their asses all he wants...
14 The first part in a series. Sweet sex with a girlfriend with big tits, a big ass, a big belly... a big everything:bangbang:
15 The second part. The plump girlfriend is also great with her mouth.
16 The final part. They fuck like crazy in a hotel, and try anal.
17 A boy is attacked by a succubus. Semen is like water to them:bangbang:

Please refer to the sample images for more details. (They’re all pretty meaty and have thick pubic hair, so I hope two or three of them hit your sweet spot!)

I’d be happy to hear your impressions and opinions. Stuff like what kind of women or things you want me to draw. I’m still working on the next CG set, but it should be on sale soon.

◆Circle:Vadass Artist: Oltlo

Stacked Short BOX 17

Stacked Short BOX 17

Stacked Short BOX 17

Stacked Short BOX 17

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